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  • The Original Soprano gives you a warm, round sound that cuts above ensembles for group and solo work. Aside from excellent projection, you will also notice it is easy to control all throughout your highs and lows.

    € 85,00
  • The Original Alto is THE Claude Lakey vintage mouthpiece. Ideal for lead alto, yet versatile enough to blend in with any horn section, our most popular mouthpiece offers a bright and even sound that can be heard across the auditorium. Great for jazz, but not to be overlooked for rock, funk, or electronic music.

    € 88,00
  • The Original Tenor features the traditional Lakey brightness and projection that can cut through any horn or instrument section when you want to be heard. This mouthpiece moves freely up and down the register with a clear and focused sound.

    € 92,00
  • The Apollo Alto Brass mouthpiece does not apologize for anything. It's as stunning to look at as it is to listen to, and you’ll have your audience captivated in no time. Free blowing and bright, the Apollo gives you all the classic aspects of a Lakey piece, but with added warmth and access to the fourth octave.

    € 223,00
  • Experience rich highs and lows that stay open and crisp as you move up and down the register. Our precision milled Apollo Tenor Brass mouthpiece gives you excellent balance and projection.The tenor provides a unique smoky sound suited for any genre, and lends to effortless playing. It even makes reaching altissimo seem natural and easy.

    € 229,00
  • Manufactured using the same state-of-the-art process as our Apollo Brass pieces, the Apollo Ebonite Alto is all about quality and designed to stay true to the Lakey sound. Made of ebonite sourced from Germany exclusive to Claude Lakey, this line is unmatched in its brightness and warmth. 

    € 223,00
  • Made from exclusively sourced German Ebonite and precision milled using state-of-the-art CNC machining processes, our Apollo Ebonite Tenor provides a dark, fat tone that will cut through amplified instruments and horn sections. You'll reach new highs and lows while maintaining the crisp, open Lakey sound. 

    € 229,00
  • Deze ligatuur is universeel en komt met 3 beschermkapjes. Past op alle mondstukken

    € 37,00
Toont 1 - 8 van de 8 items