JLV Ligature

€ 189,00

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Eases the performance

- More accurate and comfortable in all registers
- A pure and natural sound, a sense of freedom whatever the music style - A real flexibility and increased technical performances

Releases more harmonics

- Less contact surface with the reed allowing more vibrations - Smoother emissions over the entire range
- Same intensity in both bottom and top registers

Resurfaces reeds

- Optimizes reeds avoiding air leakages due to reed deformations - Saves reeds, increases their quality and lifetime.

An all-around ligature

- Adjust the ligature to change the sound amplitude

For right-handed AND left-handed

- Reversing the base of the ligature

Designed for

- Students and passionates for its comfort and performance facility - Professionals for its centered and pure sound in all registers

Choosing the finish is not only visual but also a matter of sound

- Polished ou brushed - Silver plated
- Gold plated
- Black edition

A lifetime warranted product

> a brighter sound
> a matter sound
> a warmer sound
> a more intense sound

- 100% made in France, entirely made of brass, solderless 

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